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Edward Snowden blows the whistle

A man, not a boy. Hopefully they don’t kill, torture or detain him for telling the truth. Luckily he has much better constellations than Manning. Jupiter transit his Mars. A big new beginning for him and many involved.

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Ich brauche also nicht die Entscheidung von Angela Merkel

Ken Jebsen hat den Unterschied zwischen Fremdbestimmung und Selbstbestimmung sehr schön erklärt: „Es ist falsch, Angela Merkel die Schuld zu geben. Diese Schuld, die Angela Merkel hat, oder einige ihrer Minister, die hat auch eine Funktion, denn solange Angela Merkel … Weiterlesen

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Then they came for me

Toay`s doodle is inspired by David Icke`s speech (min 1:30):

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Bilderberg 2013

Auch 2013 verbergen sich die führenden Politiker, Konzernchefs und Medieneigentümer der Welt, die an der Bilderbergkonferenz teilnehmen, erfolgreich. Die Journalisten werden wie die Schafe gehalten, wie ASR berichtet.

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Die einzige systemrelevante Bank ist eine Parkbank

Embed on your site/blog Karlheinz Ulmer – Paintings and posters Ken: Wir brauchen keine systemrelevanten Banken. Die einzige systemrelevante Bank die ich kenne ist eine Parkbank.“ … aus einer Rede von Ken Jebsen anlässlich einer Demo gegen den Saatgut Konzern … Weiterlesen

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Have you outsourced your heart?

When I was in my teens I organised a portrait exhibition. I asked some teachers for photos of themselves and painted them. I added some famous people that I had painted previously. Now I had a nice collection of portraits. … Weiterlesen

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Irene and friends

When her four friends organized the bachelor party for Irene, she wanted to give back. Instead of just saying „thank you“ she wanted to give them something tangible to remember. So I painted caricatures of all five together. Work in … Weiterlesen

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Marie and Corentin – Portraits in Acrylics

Recently I finished an order, paintings of two kids, Marie and Corentin. Originally I wanted to draw them with pastels. When I was a kid I always used pastels for portraits. It came naturally to me, was quick and relatively … Weiterlesen

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Vote for Nr. 10! – What everybody should know about co-creation

Update: voting is over ****************************************************************** If you do not want to read the whole article please do one thing right now: Vote for Poster Nr. 10 Then invite your friends to vote for Poster Nr. 10 ******************************************************************* When I was … Weiterlesen

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New Blog!

This homepage has a new blog now :-). Some other content will come … asap … one day…  

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