Ruby Tom (Tess Gerritsen’s Mom)

Understanding the cycle of life.

Ruby Tom, the mother of famous writer Tess Gerritsen, passed away recently. After I read about her life and saw her picture, I drew her immediately. She seemed to be such an interesting woman. (The drawing is not finished, but I had to stop, late night, no time left…)

Looking at her photo, showing her full of life, the contrast between life and death hit me right into the face. Sometimes death seems unbearable.

Are you afraid of death? Do you think about it? Often?

Did you know that we all die at the same time?

If living means being restricted through time and place, then death means being out of time and place. Millions of years shrink into one second right at the edge of time. And then this last second becomes none.

Looking from the other side everybody enters at the same „moment“.

And then (before? after?) the out-of-time changes into time again…

Some call it eternal soul, some call it karma, you name it…

We value life most when we are facing death. Scarce things are always valued most.

And when it is too late, we want to remember. We keep things that help us to recall what once was. Maybe a photo. Sometimes a picture.

What do you think of the drawing? Do you like the colors? Why? Why not? Did you ever buy a painting of a deceased? Tell me!

If you don’t know Tess Gerritsen yet – I recommend reading her books!

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