This caricature made some people smile 🙂

I did it as a surprise present for one of my colleagues who retired after 32 years in the same company (yes, thirty-two).

First, I sketched it at one evening and then painted it digitally in two night sessions until 4:00 in the morning to be ready (for work and) for the farewell party on the next day.

I am quite pleased with the colors and the painterly look, because when I started out I did not really know where to go, I lost the way immediately and then trying to fix it, inspiration took over (or whatever you want to call this erratic beast that comes out of the dark and takes control of you whenever you are too tired to think straight). And somehow we (the beast and I) got it to the way it looks now.

I would have loved to paint the face a bit smoother, with less contrast especially on the fronthead, but time was running out. So there it is.

Happy retirement, Turhan!

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