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Marie and Corentin – Portraits in Acrylics

Recently I finished an order, paintings of two kids, Marie and Corentin. Originally I wanted to draw them with pastels. When I was a kid I always used pastels for portraits. It came naturally to me, was quick and relatively … Weiterlesen

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Valerie’s Kids

Right in time for Christmas 2011 I drew Valérie’s kids. The material used was pastell on dark paper. Work in progress: Before: and after: The difficulty lay in the details, because the format was relatively small and smearing pastel pigments … Weiterlesen

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Ruby Tom (Tess Gerritsen’s Mom)

Understanding the cycle of life. Ruby Tom, the mother of famous writer Tess Gerritsen, passed away recently. After I read about her life and saw her picture, I drew her immediately. She seemed to be such an interesting woman. (The … Weiterlesen

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