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Have you become aware of the fact that something is seriously wrong with our financial system? Are you struggling to get the real meaning of the Euro crisis? Are you still unsure whom exactly our politicians really represent?

Maybe you thought that you would find the answers in the official media. Right?

Wrong. They give you opinions, leads, red herrings and conflicting information until your head stops thinking. So no, you have to look elswhere to get the real answers.

If you haven’t woken up yet, it’s easy. The internet is still free. Luckily there are always a few people who understand reality better than the masses. What is even better, there are always people who know what will happen in advance. These people might not be popular, but they are still around and we can learn from them.

I spent several years going deep. Below are some of the most delighting and eye opening videos and sources I came across (not exclusive, of course):

Switch off your TV, listen and learn:

Paul Grignon

Money as Debt — Geld als Schuld (deutsche Untertitel)
Money As Debt II: promises unleashed (FULL MOVIE)
Money as Debt 3 – The Rothschild mafia (Paul Grignon)

Bernd Senf

Bernd Senf – Geldsystem und Weltfinanzkrise
Bernd Senf – Zinssystem, Geldschöpfung & Finanzkrise

Prof. Hankel

Prof. Hankel knew what would happen with the Euro before it even existed – and sued against it, many times.

Betrugsmaschine Geldsystem: EU US Schulden-Krise / Euro Krise – Prof. Hankel
Wilhelm Hankel – Europa am Abgrund – Teil 1/3
Wilhelm Hankel – Europa am Abgrund – Teil 2/3
Wilhelm Hankel – Europa am Abgrund – Teil 3/3
Untergang des Euro – Prof. Wilhelm Hankel – Teil 1
Prof. Hankel – Eurokrise und Finanzmafia
Prof. Dr. Hankel: Spekulationsblasen in Geschichte und Gegenwart
Das Ende des Euro — und was danach? (Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hankel)

Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hamer

Internationale Währungs- und Finanzpolitik (Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hamer)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Berger

Professor Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Berger

Jim Rogers, Marc Faber

Jim Rogers Hosts Marc Faber to discuss world economy 2005 pt 1/5 a must watch
Jim Rogers Hosts Marc Faber to discuss world economy 2005 pt 2/5 a must watch
Jim Rogers Hosts Marc Faber to discuss world economy 2005 pt 3/5 a must watch
Jim Rogers Hosts Marc Faber to discuss world economy 2005 pt 4/5 a must watch
Jim Rogers Hosts Marc Faber to discuss world economy 2005 pt 5/5 a must watch
Jim Rogers on dutch TV pt 1/2 Feb 12 2009
Jim Rogers on dutch TV pt 2/2 Feb 12 2009

Jim Rogers Interviews Marc Faber
Jim Rogers and Marc Faber – The European Welfare State
Jim Rogers and Marc Faber – Peace, or Total Breakdown?
Jim Rogers With Marc Faber – Which One Is an Anarchist?
Jim Rogers – Mark My Words, The Dollar Will Disappear

Andreas Popp

ESM-Widerstand: Schachtschneider, Hankel, Popp
Andreas Popp: Zwangshypotheken: Enteignung der besonderen Art (Alpenparlament.TV)

Prof. Dr. H. W. Sinn

Prof. Dr. H. W. Sinn zur Situation in der EU

Carlos A. Gebauer

Der Euro-Rettungsschirm = ESM, Carlos A. Gebauer klärt auf! pdv-Veranstaltung: Raus aus dem Euro

Ken Jebsen

KenFM über die Akte Osama Bin Laden!
KenFM über: Zionistischer Rassismus
Ich & DU: Komplette KenFM-Sendung über Uranmunition vom 21.8.2011 / 17.4.2011

Michael J. Burry

Michael Burry was one of the few who predicted the subprime crisis correctly.

Dr. Michael J. Burry at UCLA Economics Commencement 2012

Prof. Dr. H. Flassbeck

„Europa im Abgrund“ Die Eurokrise – Prof. Dr. H. Flassbeck 07.03.2012

Prof. Franz Hörmann

Prof. Franz Hörmann – Das Ende das Geldes
Franz Hörmann: Stellungnahme zur Suspendierung

Prof. Dr. Hans Bocker

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Hans J. Bocker
Prof. Dr. Hans J. Bocker: Podiumsdiskussion (nach dem Vortrag Überleben und Leben in der Megakrise)

Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass explains impending Greek default

Fun (?)

06.03.2012 Fiskalpakt bis neulich Dienstag Volker Pispers! die Bananenrepublik
Investment Advisor Admits To Misleading His Clients In Order To Make Profit.

Various Sources

Schäuble unzensiert : Trailer 2011
Obama will cut deficit in half FEB 2009
Dept Limit – A guide to American Federal Dept made easy
Euro currency crumbling? part2 (09Feb10)
Was, wenn der Finanz-Crash kommt?
Die Eurokrise – Unangenehme Wahrheiten über Europa und die Welt
Jim Cramer Explains How The Stock Market Is Manipulated
Die Sendung mit der Maus – Grasser
Man gets 8 Months in Jail for videotaping police LAPD


Alles Schall und Rauch
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Armstrong Economics
Peter Boehringer
Bernd Senf
Money as dept (Grignon)

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